About Make It Count SEO

Make It Count is eighty percent virtual and owned by David Fønsbo and Malte Fønsbo. All prices are ex. VAT, incl. old tax, and fat taxes.

We are pursuing a vision of a world where all people have the financial and emotional freedom to live life one hundred percent. This creative workplace is located on the outskirts of Aarhus close to a lake and woodland.

We strive to allow all partners to work in their creative genius zone, which means that they’re responsible for the area in which they feel and believe they can make the biggest difference in the world.

We train our presence daily and try to be better people today than we were yesterday. We learn and we teach. We knock down new walls every day.

Caring for others is the most powerful marketing strategy available, next to fear that is. But marketing that plays on fear is not good ethics here. We are far too philanthropic and too often exterminate ourselves in moneyless projects. However, there must always be room for non-profit projects. Our business model must be socially responsible.

We value massive creativity, drive, attention to detail, heart, focus, openness, honesty, Cola and Marabou. We work on sound principles and values: common sense, integrity and fairness.

Good customers aren’t necessarily the ones who buy a lot! The values in Make It Count don’t require a big pile of cash, but great products, a good reputation and the greatest, funniest and most honest business partners out there!