Great Webdesign

Your website must present it self properly on computers as well as tablets and in particular on phones. Google is emphasizing that browsing from phones should be optimized. Your site need to be fast, nice and easy to navigate, resulting in your customers having a positive experience browsing it.

On Top of Mount Google

Without a marketing strategy that includes SEO, only search engine bots will visit your website. You can’t make money this way! We will optimize your site and create a perfect flow on your site so customers can enjoy the ride while you fast travel to the top of Mount Google!

Ad Campaigns and Money Printing

One billion users on Facebook and even more on Google should be customers enough! We can design a campaign for you that give you lots of customers who are ready to buy your products and services, enjoy your work, and sign up for your courses or simply want to follow you.

Forget AMP!

In this article we show you what AMP really is and that Google has almost no idea what they are doing compared to Bing.

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We also fight spam and…


If your site has been exposed to hackers, we will clean up the mess after the breake-in and make sure it does not happen again. We have a personal virus fighter we send out into the digital landscape to eliminate the perpetrators. By the way, it’s him who visits you if you don’t pay your bills.


Look at some of the pages we created. We can create on for you as well. Streamlines and optimized in every aaspect.

Open Mind Psykoterapi

A website that captures the peacefulness of lotus flowers in the wind on the front.

Alliance Vin

Alliance Wine knows a lot about wine. They needed more visibility in Google, and they got that fast.

Clay Wall

Clay Wall is created with a very special kind of menu that fits perfectly into the product line. And of course, it has been search engine optimized too.


You want a top tuned web page? You need better performance and SEO optimization? Did hackers ruin your site? You need a talk first? A price estimate? Use this contact form or call +45 28 94 68 00.